Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sticky Situation

1. Explain how you developed your ideas for "Sticky Situation" 
I got my ideas for the sticky situation by thinking what type of situations in which the person is stuck in a situation in nature and is unable to get out.

2. Were you able to think outside the box when you were thinking about ideas? 
Yes, I was able to think outside the box because I first thought lost in the forest to stuck in mud and then when I put those two ideas together I got quick sand.

3. You were to incorporate repetition, rhytnm or pattern. How did you accomplish this? 
I incorporated repetition with the ghosts on the trees and the remaining body parts of the human.

4. Describe your choice of media (acrylic, watercolor) and your challenges and successes while using it. 
I choose water colors, I got a challange out of this by this being my first time every doing a project with water colors, for I usually paint with acrylics.

5. How important were the mini lessons to the success of your final product?
The mini lessons help me think about how I will incorporate certain ideas and make it look more realistic.